A rich variety of standardized tests are available in English, French and Arabic, making Alphabete Learning Center one of the few centers, if not the only one in Lebanon with such a wealth of comprehensive and current assessment tools.
These tests evaluate a wide variety of areas: intellectual, cognitive, achievement, attention, visual-motor, behavioral, specific literacy problems, vocational, learning style, emotional (personality, self-esteem, anxiety, cognitive distortion, etc.) and language functioning.

Specialized intervention programs are available in English, Arabic and French for specific learning disorders such as
dyslexia, language difficulties, handwriting problems, reasoning, math, memory and processing.

Counselors provide personal counseling and parental guidance to help students of all ages develop more effective coping skills both at home and at school. We closely collaborate with teachers and regularly visit schools to reach the best results.

Collaboration with parents
Collaboration with parents and schools regarding students’ progress through reports, school networking and school visits to follow up on students who are being assessed or tutored.

Custom-made training workshops facilitated by specialists in various fields of education and psychology. The target audience ranges from parents, teachers, coordinators, school principals, and practitioners. Training focuses on a number of topics in education and psychology.
Topics of workshops we have conducted include dyslexia, strategies for improving reading comprehension, decoding, written language and memory; Managing ADHD in the classroom, Individualized Education Program (IEP) writing, emotional intelligence, study skills and increasing your child’s IQ.

Mindplay (Reading and Math skills)
MindPlay® has been improving basic reading and academic skills of children and adults for more than 30 years.
All struggling readers can learn to read, whether they are dyslexic, mainstream, or English Language Learners (ELL) thanks to MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach.
MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach – assesses a student’s abilities, creates a specific learning plan customized to his or her needs and then – using speech therapist and reading specialists – presents lessons in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Grammar for Meaning, Comprehension and Fluency, but only the lessons that child needs to read fluently at grade level.
Tremendous benefits have also been reported on math problem solving.

My first letters حروفي الأولى
My First Letters has many strengths that lie in the following characteristics:
First, it is a very structured, explicit multi-sensory approach. It starts with the simple units of sounds and proceeds to the more difficult ones. The sequence of letters of this program takes into account that the visually and phonetically similar letters and sounds are introduced apart. It provides ample opportunities for drill and practice.
Second, it is cumulative. Every lesson is built up upon previously learned concepts; that is, all words are vocabulary controlled and built only on previously learned letters and words.
Third, it is systematic. The sequence of the skills in every lesson establishes a routine that makes the student feel on track and lets him/her focus on the new sounds and shape rather than on how the lesson is progressing.
Fourth, it is font modified. All letters are modified in their simplest appearancewhich makes it easier to identify.
Fifth, it uses the four sensory modalities: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile. The student will always find a way to compensate in case she/he is poor in one of these modalities.
Sixth, it is color-coded. Letters in there basic, initial, middle, and final positions are each presented with a different color.